Art and Fashion Project under the gaze of women entrepreneurs in Cuba (+Photos)

Art and Fashion Project under the gaze of women entrepreneurs in Cuba (+Photos)
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28 February 2024
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Cuba opened its doors on Tuesday to the 7th International Workshop of Women Entrepreneurs 2024, an event that focuses this year on sustainable fashion, grounded in its importance at international level.

With the theme: “Sustainable Fashion. Focus, Trends and Opportunities,” the Workshop will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Hotel Nacional in Havana with lectures, panels, fashion shows and other cultural proposals that come in the hands of pivotal domestic projects and Italian artists.

Among Tuesday’s presentations is “Art and Fashion: Icons of Rebellion,” a journey to the 20 years of the event.

According to the project’s Director Rafael H. Mendez, “Art and Fashion” is a dialogue between plastic artists and designers, in which the talent of notable domestic referents of plastic arts stands out such as Zaida del Rio, Lesbia Vent Dumois, Flora Fong and Alicia Leal, among others. Mendez further highlighted the ingenuity of designers, who were able to create costumes for Art and Fashion with different materials.

Meanwhile, photographer Eduardo Rodriguez, who from his lens has recorded the beautiful and complex creations over time, described it as a privilege to capture those moments in which art and fashion parade in front of the astonished gaze of the audience.

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