Almost half of new Covid-19 patients in Moscow are between 18 and 40 – disease response team

Almost half of new Covid-19 patients in Moscow are between 18 and 40 – disease response team
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30 March 2020
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The prevailing narrative suggests younger people are less susceptible to Covid-19 symptoms than older folks. However, Moscow data shows that almost half of new coronarvirus cases in the past 24 hours involved patients under 40.
Out of the newly recorded 212 cases in the Russian capital, 102 sufferers are between 18 and 40, and 58 are between 40 and 65. Health officials added that 17 of the freshly infected are children.
The total includes 43 people who recently returned from other parts of Europe. Moscow officials earlier reported that a sizable portion of confirmed Covid-19 patients, in the capital, were young people, with many of them requiring artificial lung ventilation.
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On Monday, Moscow ramped up its "stay at home" recommendation by making it a mandatory measure for all residents. People in the city are only allowed in the streets in case of absolute necessity. The decree, issued by Mayor Sergey Sobyanin, applies to all age groups.

The change was partially motivated by a large number of people who weren't voluntarily observing social distancing and mistook the week of paid leave, which was ordered by the Russian government, as an opportunity to hang out. An estimated 20 percent of people acted in this way, Sobyanin said.

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Two other parts of Russia, Kaliningrad Region and Murmansk Region, followed Moscow's example by imposing a mandatory quarantine on Monday morning while other regions intend to adopt similar measures shortly, in accordance with the advice of Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

Overall, 302 new coronavirus cases have been reported in Russia on Monday, bringing the total number of cases to 1,836, nationwide.

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