ALBA-TCP Prioritizes the Creation of a Council of Social Movements

ALBA-TCP Prioritizes the Creation of a Council of Social Movements
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20 April 2024
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Establishing a Council of Social Movements of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America-People's Trade Agreement (ALBA-TCP) is one of priorities for this regional integration mechanism, as stated by the Executive Secretary of this Latin American and Caribbean organization Jorge Arreaza when he made his presentation, “The Principle of Unity as a Transforming Element,” on the second day of the World Gathering for a Social Alternative, which is being held in Caracas, Venezuela.

The diplomat underscored that the ALBA-TCP´s purpose is to achieve self-determination, for us to be free and happy with our needs satisfied, and added that there are 10 member countries, but “hopefully soon there will be more” and with the peoples present, he claimed.

Arreaza expressed that the peoples are the engine and energy, and also advocated for the pressing need to build a method for the eswtablishment of such a Council of Social Movements, but not from the bureaucracy of the executive secretariat and from the Foreign Ministries.

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