ALBA-TCP condemns US coercive measures against Nicaragua

ALBA-TCP condemns US coercive measures against Nicaragua
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17 July 2022
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The Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America-People's Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP) condemned the new coercive and unilateral measures of the United States against Nicaragua, according to a statement from the organization.

The alliance urged the international community to denounce what it described as “aggression” towards Managua, considering that they “violate the fundamental principles of the Charter of the United Nations.”

Finally, ALBA-TCP ratified its solidarity with the people and Government of Nicaragua, the target of punitive actions by the White House such as sanctions on its financial system, government representatives and private citizens, military leaders, legislators and relatives of President Daniel Ortega.

The aforementioned measures against the judicial system come under the protection of the Northern Triangle Enhanced Commitment Act, known as the Engel List, named after its main promoter, the congressman for the Democratic Party Eliot Engel.

The 23 Nicaraguan prosecutors and judges are accused without any evidence by Washington of being related to acts of corruption or other crimes referred to in the aforementioned law, a regulation that lacks legal support to be applied to foreign nations.

The sanctions are that the people listed on the so-called Engel List “are not eligible for visas and admission to the United States and any valid visa will be immediately revoked and any other valid visa or entry cancelled.”

ALBA-TCP and other political organizations at the regional, continental and world level maintain a position of rejection against these hegemonic policies, instead they promote dialogue and multilateralism as ways to resolve conflicts and political differences.


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