Alarm in Italy in the face of possible hospital crisis

Alarm in Italy in the face of possible hospital crisis
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31 October 2020
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With over 30,000 new Covid-19 cases per day, there is mounting fear in Italy today in the face of a crisis due to overloading of the national health system.

According to data published yesterday by the Health Ministry, 647,674 people have been infected so far, 31,084 of whom were diagnosed in the preceeding 24 hours and 38,321 have died, including 199 new deaths.

On its most recent report on the monitoring of the performance of the epidemiological curve, from Oct.19-25, the National Institute of Health (ISS) confirmed the worsening of the epidemic with the detection of 100,446 cases, compared to the 52,960 of the previous week.

The ISS indicated it is still compatible with a type 3 scenario, characterized by a situation of sustained and extended transmissibility with risks for the stability of the health system in the medium term, but on its way of becoming a type 4.

Those are the two highest levels for the management of the emergency considered by the institute in the plan to tackle the disease entittled 'Prevention and response to Covid-19: evolution of strategy and planning in the phase of transition for the autumn-winter season.'

The type 3 scenario foresees the prevalence of high risks in many regions of the country, with the implementation of containment measures similar to those implemented by the government in the past days in the face of the resurgence of the epidemic.

Some of them are the recommendation to avoid unnecessary displacements on means of transport and the night closure of bars, restaurants, ice cream parlors, bakeries and similar establishments, and the cancellation of shows with access to the public in theater and concert halls, movie theaters and other places, even outdoor.

Also, the temporary closure of gymns, pools, welfare and thermal, cultural, social, and recreational centers, as well as the cancellation of activities in theme and amusement parks.

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