Seventh Dutch Film Festival in Havana

Seventh Dutch Film Festival in Havana
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18 March 2016
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Havana’s 23 y 12 movie theater is set to premier on the island six full-length feature films, two movies for teenagers and four documentaries. Themes such as the ocean and coastal cities are present during the festival, as well as women in daily life and as filmmakers.

The movie the Admiral directed by Roel Reiné and starring Frank Lammers, will open the week-long festival. Other films include The Storm directed by Ben Sombogaart and the documentary Bittersweet by director Marieke Niestadt, dealing with the life and work of woman boxer Diana Prazak and her coach Lucia Rijker, who leads her to the match for the world title against former world champ Frida Wallberg.

Both Niestadt and Rijker have traveled to Havana for the screening of the 80-minute-long documentary that won the popularity award at the Macon and Charleston Festivals, plus the prize for best director at the New York First Time Film Festival. Other films include Blood, Sweat and Tears by Diederick Koopal and Surprise by Mike van Diem, as well as the teenaged dramas The Little Gangster and Finn by directors Arne Toonen and Frans Weisz, respectively.

Edited by Damian Donestevez

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