Adele Back On Top Despite Grammys Mishap

Adele Back On Top Despite Grammys Mishap
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23 February 2016
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For an artist most fans believe to be perfect, Adele’s uncharacteristically poor showing at the Grammys will have been a shock to many. However, the singer has overcome the technical difficulties and dubious notes to climb back to the top of the Billboard chart three months after her album's original release.

AdeleAdele's fans have come flocking following her upsetting Grammy performance

Following her uncomfortable performance at the Oscars of the music world, Adele admitted that she cried all the next day and was "so embarrassed".

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However, sales of her new album, 25, have not been affected and climbed from No. 2 after clocking 151,000 sales across album and song sales and streaming activity.

Her album has now sold a staggering 8.3 million copies in the United States.

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The album includes the single All I Ask which was Adele’s song of choice at the Grammys.

Appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show after the ceremony, she performed a flawless rendition of the song and gave a candid interview about her Grammy performance feelings.

She told the talk show host that she had "cried all day" but admitted she would have cried even if it had gone really well.

She said: "If it had been a stand out performance I would have cried. I always cry."

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