Bobby Carcassés: Havana-New York-Havana

Bobby Carcassés: Havana-New York-Havana
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10 November 2015
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It will be about my music, other music and my guests, said the National Music Award in a meeting with the press referring to the show, which is programmed for November 15, 8:00 pm at the Cuban Jazz Cathedral, as the Mella Theatre is also known.

The concert will be divided in two parts, one in which the guests entertain Carcassés, and the other one when the musician is part of what’s happening on the stage. During the interval, actress Laura de la Uz will perform a monologue in which she plays a maid that cleans between acts.  

Guests artists to the concert will be young trumpeter Yasek Manzano, sax player César López, percussionist Pancho Terry, tres guitar player Cotó, flutist Orlando Valle “Maraca”, Roberto Carcassés  and singer songwriter Pablo Milanés, among some others.

The show will be recorded by Bis Music record house to produce and album and to be show on television at the A Todo Jazz TV program.

The day before, also at Mella theatre, at 6:00 pm, an arts show will be inaugurated with works by Carcassés, together with a performance by artist Albertico Lezcay.

Translation: Liana Fleitas (Cubarte)

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