Placido Domingo Doing “Really Well” While Awaiting Surgery in New York

Placido Domingo Doing “Really Well” While Awaiting Surgery in New York
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16 October 2015
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“Maestro Domingo is a real force of nature,” Seltzer told EFE, adding that this situation had been just a small setback for his agenda.

The singer and conductor was admitted to a hospital on Tuesday after experiencing serious abdominal pain while at a costume rehearsal for “Tosca,” the opera that will begin running starting Friday at the Metropolitan Opera.

Domingo, 74, traveled to New York to direct the work by Giacomo Puccini, but – because of his health situation – he will miss the first few performances.

According to his spokesperson, the famous tenor will undergo laparoscopic surgery early next week and is scheduled to continue with his agenda at the Metropolitan to direct the last four performances of “Tosca” starting Nov. 6, when he resumes work.

“He will have laparoscopic surgery and will return very soon to doing what he loves,” Seltzer told EFE.

“He is very committed to returning to the Metropolitan to direct on Nov. 6,” she said.

After learning about his health situation, Domingo’s wife – who was in Spain – traveled to New York to be with him, and meanwhile he has stayed in contact with his fans via his Facebook page.

The response of the public to the news about the singer’s health has been immediate and overwhelming, with many messages being posted on his Facebook page in Spanish and English wishing him a speedy recovery.

“God bless you,” “Love and prayers” and “Good luck,” are just some of the messages posted there by his admirers.

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