Poems for Charlot

Poems for Charlot
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22 July 2015
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This writing, released in 1990 by Vigía publishing house, has been considered one of the Top Ten of that year, paying tribute to the centennial character of Charlot, that generous and sulky vagrant created by Chaplin, which is Marruz's aim to recreate, with total simplicity and frankness her bewilderment toward cinema and Charlot passages that she loves the most within the actor's filmography.

Roberto Méndez, book moderator, explained that this current edition—by Casa de las Américascontains a poem as a prologue included by the author herself. Entitled Con una súbita vehemencia (Canción de Candilejas), the piece does not alter the natural structure of the poetry book, consisting of 40 texts full of exquisite lyricism, scenes and characters with which the British genius interacted.

Méndez said the complicity between the author and the character is perfectly understandable, considering that“her poetry seeks to highlight the humble, having a simple and daily look ignored by almost everyone”.

Getting close to Créditos… will be, a wonderful intertextual exercise for the reader, where Fina's poetic version on Charlot's struggle within the film world will be a spiritual balance. The aforementioned scenes in the book invite the always welcoming reminder of the character, born when Chaplin improvised a vagrant which soon became famous.

Translation: Roxana Marquez Herrera (Cubarte)

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