Marc Anthony: My Father Called Me “Ugly”

Marc Anthony: My Father Called Me “Ugly”
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26 February 2015
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Anthony, the former husband of pop diva Jennifer Lopez and newly married to Venezuelan model Shannon de Lima, said when asked in an interview with the National Broadcasting Company how he managed to win the heart of De Lima, “It’s just marketing. I am just great at marketing.”

The New York-born Puerto Rican singer explained humorously that he grew up seeing the face of his father and so he was right to advise him to bet on his personality and not beauty.

When asked about his divorce from Lopez, who he was married to for seven years and had twins with, Anthony explained that he usually does not talk about it because he considers it private and not a topic for public consumption.

However, he pointed out that his ex-wife, who wrote an autobiography in which she talks about their personal life, including their marriage, had all his support.

“It is not my book, I was really, really proud of her only because I know what it took for her to open up like that,” said Anthony, adding that he takes care of his sons Max and Emme while Lopez is traveling.

Three days ago, Lopez shared an Instagram photo in which she appeared with Anthony and the twins, celebrating their seventh birthday together.

In the program, Anthony said that the children, fortunately or unfortunately, are accustomed to the fact they are not a traditional family as it comprises the partners of their respective parents.

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