Thankfulness for their Participation

Thankfulness for their Participation
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16 January 2017
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“Since I began participating in the Gender workshops which were convened by the local José Martí International Journalism Institute and the Mujer Publishing House and guided by Isabel Moya, My life changed and if I even thought that I knew anything about life, it was then since I began having these experiences that I began watching it with its spots and purities and its imperfections. “ She pointed out.

“As a matter of fact, it was that the commitment to which I have dedicated myself to research and publishing the work carried out by some community projects with its experiences about this subject matter.” She said.

It was recently premiered an audiovisual carried out by Lizette Vila and Ingrid León at the Chaplin movie theater from the capital city. They were the creators of the local Palomas Project and those who show a different vision about the diverse kind of violence against women on a current context that demands an urgent visualization of that subject matter by the society in general.

"Estoy viva…lo voy a contar" is the title of the documentary that touches your more sensible fibers of the human being. There are perhaps people who have experienced this kind of violence, but it is certainly chocking the fact about watching the faces of those ones telling their histories, publicly.

Those filmmakers, who have a huge experience, achieved that thirteen women could talk sincerely and shared their experiences to denounce the bad practices which harm the Cuban society.

According to Cuban filmmaker Ingrid León, the local Projecto Palomas project has been accompanying local women since many years ago given they have many difficulties in all the sectors and places. There are many women who approached us to ask for help and being listened, and we can help them from the audiovisual work.

“We always say that we are going to talk to them and Lizette Vila is an expert in that sense. They get nervous when they see the cameras at first and they suddenly begin talking. They even say the phrases ´I have never told this´ and ´This is not known not even by my mother,´ ´this remain unknown by everyone,´ and they begin to tell their experiences and it is incredible because of I do not know how come we can achieve this from happening.” She commented.

"Estoy viva…lo voy a contar" Documentary by Lizette Vila and Ingrid León

Ingrid continues telling us that there is all kind of women from different places and problems who approach her to talk:

“They are victims all different types of violence. This way, we choose the people who are going to accompany us by taking into account that there are women who want to talk and there are other ones who do not want to talk and there are other ones who just come for us to help them to be listened given they´d tried before and none helped them, then they all come to us with that objective in mind.”

The filming team of the local audiovisual material entitled ´Cosas de la Vida´ had the chance to talk to some of the women who talked in that documentary; they were asked about their motivations and participation and experiences before the camera.
One of the women playing the main role of the documentary, who is Mederos Méndez, commented that her main motivation was felling pleased after being invited to participate in the documentary.

“As I am fan of the ´Proyectos Palomas ´ project, I decided to participate. It was really difficult given there are some things in life that we never say or talk about them, and then when the time come to talk about them, this place one in such difficult situation that your tears come out, your voice trembles due to they were very sad memories and they return again and that makes really difficult that situation.” She pointed out.

Mariulys Guerra Estrada, on her part, who also plays a main role in that audiovisual work, commented us that she met Lizette Vila through the local Hola Habana tv program.

“She asked me about a collapse that happened in Havana Vieja (Old Havana) municipality and I said to her that I did not know about that event given those events brought me bad memories. She asked me the reason whether I wanted to share my experience in a documentary. It is even difficult when I talk about a difficult theme given I lost my sister and my mother is sick because of that.” Mariulys said.

“Lizette was invited to talk about the few things I used to feel.” Leticia Santacruz Pérez commented, who is another of the woman playing the main role of the documentary.

"Estoy viva…lo voy a contar" Documentary by Lizette Vila and Ingrid León

“I wanted to denounce what I thought that was missing and she also invited me due to she knows that I am a great defender of the woman as such. I consider myself a feminist one. I used to think that I was not victim of the violence and I realized that I was certainly a victim while telling my history. However, that happened already and I am a grown woman, I was twice operated due to a cancer and I am still here fighting for the human being to be better and the unity and so that the people understand that if we continue with those types of violence, we could be deeply affected due to the economic blockade affect, but it is not sometimes so harmful like the human relations.” She said.


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