Cuban First Vice President Visits State Markets in Havana

Cuban First Vice President Visits State Markets in Havana
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5 August 2019
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Cuban First Vice President Salvador Valdes on Sunday visited several state agricultural markets in this capital, which are essential to supply food to the population.

According to a message from the Presidency on Twitter, during the tour, Valdes spoke with local people and showed interest in the prices and quality of products. He insisted on making a better classification of goods before sale.

In statements to reporters, Valdes, who is also a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee, pointed out that production levels are insufficient, and noted the need to further improve the quality of agricultural products, according to another tweet from the Presidency.

The vice president's tour is part of the current leadership style of the Cuban government.

On Saturday, Valdes visited workers' social clubs in Havana, where he met with people and showed interest in food, security and the state of facilities, because the people deserve the best, he added.

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