First victims of the plane crash buried in Holguín

First victims of the plane crash buried in Holguín
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21 May 2018
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Yunaisi Pelegrino Reyes and Jorge Alberto Borrego Cabrera, victims of last Friday's fatal plane crash in Havana were the first to be buried today in their native city of Holguín.

The remains of both were buried in the Mayabe cemetery in the provincial capital, where they were accompanied by numerous people, including relatives, neighbors, friends, co-workers and representatives of political, government and mass organizations.

Pelegrino Reyes, 39, was a commercial worker, while Borrego Cabrera, 46, worked as a doctor at the Pedro Díaz Cuello polyclinic in this eastern Cuban city, where the people have shown their condolences for the sad event that caused more than 100 deaths.

Of that number of victims, 67 were living in the province of Holguín, with the largest number in its municipal capital, whose first remains began to arrive here at noon today.

The remains of two other victims of the plane crash, Suyen Lizandra Figueredo Driggs and her little daughter Alexa Rivas Figueredo, were taken to the city of Gibara, about 35 kilometers from Holguín, on Sunday. They received their funeral services at the local House of Culture.

Juan Miguel Morán, vice-president of the Provincial Council of the Administration, confirmed to ACN that the victims of the fatal accident that occurred when the Boeing 737, which covered the Habana-Holguín line, crashed to the ground shortly after leaving the José Martí airport, will continue to arrive in this city.

Each of the funeral services, he said, is accompanied by a floral offering on behalf of the people of Cuba, in addition to those offered in each case by their families, neighbors and the people in general as a sign of solidarity in the face of these deplorable human losses. (ACN)

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