Cubans flood squares in May Day parade

Cubans flood squares in May Day parade
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1 May 2017
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HAVANA, Cuba, May 1 (ACN) Despite being a traditional sight, the amount of Cubans flooding the main squares of the country this May Day causes awe to everyone watching as they march since seven AM throughout the country.

Reports from several media outlets reflect that more people continue joining the parades as they move forward chanting long live Fidel, long live Raul, long live the Revolution!
At the Havana’s Jose Marti Revolution Square, where Cuban flags flow to the air, hundreds of thousands await the beginning of the parade, the first since the Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro passed away.
In a nearby building a giant image shows the motto for this day: Our strength is the unity, while a similar one is displayed at the National Theater that reads: Unity gave us the victory.
Over 1,500 foreign guests from 84 countries and 14 Solidarity with Cuba organizations from all over the world are also part of the workers´celebrations.
The first province to have its parade was Santiago de Cuba, where the sun rises earlier than in Havana, and had the presence of Second Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, among other top Party and government leaders.

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