That’s My Flag: "Elementary Truths"

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That’s My Flag: "Elementary Truths"
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21 June 2021

The work belongs to the young Cuban artist Yari Delgado and its title comes from a phrase of Jose Marti: "There’s a pile of elementary truths that fit on the wing of a hummingbird..."

The inspiration, Yari says, came to him by rereading the article Traveling Teachers written in 1884 by our National Hero and the right time to put it in front of the public was the exhibition that a group of creators from the island paid tribute to Marti on January 28th from the physical space of the Memorial named after him at Plaza de la Revolución and through the virtual space that has become the Transeúntes Gallery, founded by Sandor González.

They say artists would not have to explain their works and this work speaks for itself, but the flag is the flag of the lone star, so Yari prefers to clarify where her poetic license aims:

"The flag doesn’t have a star, because the shine between the hummingbird and the hand already represents the purity (the light) of those truths which Martí refers in his article, which are the key to public peace, spiritual uplift and the greatness of the country (quoting him) ".

Why bring the flag as the main theme in your work?

"Since I was a child, I always had great respect for national symbols and, since I started in art, I knew that my duty as an artist was also to honor those symbols that represent my roots, but I never came up with an idea that was up to the task, until this initiative for the Expo dedicated to Marti came along".

What truths does your work speak about?

"I think that these (intangible) truths are what make up a good person. Call it respect, solidarity, justice or even empathy, in reality they are few, but they are enough to make a difference that can start from your home, your country and, I have great faith, so I believe the world also has faith".

Measuring four feet high by two feet wide, and five deep, in acrylic, vinyl, steel, and wood, this young Cuban woman, artist, has paid homage to the flag of her truths, Cuban and free like the hummingbird, faithful like the hand that touches it, clear like the light of her star ...

About the artist

Yari Delgado is a multifaceted artist, who has worked in painting, photography, illustration, and design. She has more than 50 illustrated books, scale-models, and much more.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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