Russia-Ukraine: A Matter of Life and Death

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Russia-Ukraine: A Matter of Life and Death
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8 March 2022

The statement by Sean Penn - a famous North American actor always on the side of good causes - is worrying, where he condemns Russia for what he describes as unfair aggression against Ukraine, and he defended the president of this country, Vladimir Zelenski, whom he describes as a friend, a good person, without bad intentions and whom he met in Kiev, where he is making a documentary.

In other words, with Penn one can verify the effectiveness and scope of the major lies of Western propaganda about the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, which culminated in Moscow's defense of the self-proclaimed republics in Donbass, after suffering eight years of continued indiscriminate attacks by Ukrainian forces controlled by neo-Nazi leaders.

Both Penn and millions of people in the West and in other parts of the planet are unaware that, in addition to the above situation, the main reason for a crisis that puts the world on the brink of World War III is the stealthy closing of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to the borders of Russia.

In this context, the declaration of the German deputy Petr Bystrom highlights that Europe's rejection of a common security architecture with the Eurasian country was one of the triggers for this war in the Old Continent.

Before the Federal Parliament of that country, also known as the Bundestag, he stated: "You, Chancellor of Germany, said that the sphere of influence has shifted. Whose sphere? It’s NATO that has approached Russia's borders. It’s the sphere of NATO that approached the borders of Russia", after which he stated that the price of the shares of the Atlantic Alliance is that now young Ukrainians and Russians are dying".

To the firm declaration of the German deputy are added other dissenting voices in the face of the avalanche of lies that imperialism throws at the world, as they control most of the media.

Thus, another person linked to North American movie business, director Oliver Stone -a three-time Oscar winner- warned that other sources should be consulted to find out the truth, and gave credit to Russia's statements that it has no intention of controlling the neighboring country and its military operation is only to "demilitarize" and "denazify" Ukraine, in addition to preventing further attacks with impunity on the republics of Lugansk and Donesk, in the Donbass, whose inhabitants speak mainly Russian, as do President Zelesnsky.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff


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