Millions destined to a democracy Made in USA

Millions destined to a democracy Made in USA
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10 February 2021

Although it has never worked for its promoters, the subversion against Cuba is still a very lucrative business, worth billions of US dollars.

Disguised in so many ways, especially through agencies, companies, and organizations which are not transparent while managing the funds, the sponsoring of actions aimed at toppling the Revolution exceeded the 249,5 millions of US dollars in the last two decades.

This fact was published by the website Cuba Money Project, dedicated to the coverage of Cuban-related stories on programs and projects orchestrated by the US government. 

In 2020, a report based on the public information they manage to know, agencies like USAID spent 2,5 million of US dollars to promote subversive actions.

It is, barely, a quite partial figure, as “some programs are so secret that the payees’ names get never to be revealed,” said journalist Tracey Eaton, in an article published by Cuba Money Project entitled El Negocio de la Democracia en Cuba esta en auge (The democracy business in Cuba is bustling).

Eaton confirms that at least 54 groups operated programs in the island with money coming from the USAID and NED since around Donald Trump took office in 2017.

He also revealed that “a large network of groups financed by the US Government sends cash to thousands of “pro-democracy” activists in Cuba every year, journalists and members of the opposition.”

Recently, after the provocation in front of the Ministry of Culture, a journalist working for ADN Cuba —one of the media managed from abroad, meant to distort Cuba’s reality— acknowledged in a video to having been paid 150 and 200 US dollars for covering the incident.

Other websites with a clear Anti-Cuba editorial policy, under the slogan an allegedly “independent” journalism, have also admitted they collaborate with US agencies.

This, nonetheless, is just the public side of a very lucrative business since the US State Department, USAID and NED all report having “undisclosed” or “miscellaneous” contractors whose names aren’t revealed, to whom part of the money goes targeting a regime change in our country.

It is impossible to know how much American money goes to Cuba and how many people are being paid, Eaton says. But we do know that the money invested has not been enough to bring the Cuban people to their knees, a people resolute to defend its sovereignty at all cost.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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