Cubadisco's Panorama

Cubadisco's Panorama
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27 May 2024

International Music Industry Fair: That name implies a novel concept. It has to do with the diversification of supports, of the production and socialization systems of musical creation. Production, socialization, promotion and marketing, although some still look hesitant the commercial logic in art.

You cannot live oblivion to the market, you cannot ignore what does not mean that artists and institutions have to be hostage to that market, that only the market imposes referents and hierarchies.

We agree that the album, even assuming its technological renewal, is not the only format in this era of multiple confluences. The music industry is a complex system, which includes artistic, technical, production, and communication mechanisms. The issue is to achieve harmonic integration, placed on honoring the best, the most valuable of musical creation: good music, to say what they say, it can also be commercial.

That is Cubadisco's effort, which is more than a showcase, which is more than a party: it’s also a space for debate and analysis, favorable to articulating strategies that connect with the cultural policy of the nation.

And when we say this we are not suggesting exclusions, or marginations. We talk about sustaining, even prioritizing the best, most valuable.

This year's dedications have been particularly happy: on the one hand, to the immense collection of a sister nation, Colombia, which is, as is Cuba, musical power in the region. And second, to the extraordinary tradition of peasant music, which has so much history and so many current achievements in the country's cultural landscape.

Cubadisco is consolidated as one of the great music encounters in Cuba, perhaps the greatest. It would be useful for its contributions to transcend the dates that the calendar gives it, because this fair should also be a guide for everyday work.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff



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