Venezuela Reaffirms Mercosur Membership

Venezuela Reaffirms Mercosur Membership
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2 December 2016
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Caracas, Dec 2 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela is a member of the Common Market of the South (Mercosur) and assumes the pro- tempore Presidency of the group, assured today Foreign Minister Delcy Rodríguez.

We will participate with voice and vote in all the meetings as a member State, ratified this Friday Rodriguez as she clarified that the notification suspending the country from the economic bloc is false.

That notification does not exist, indicated in a Tweeter message, after the eve the rumour was spread in private news media that the country was suspended from the bloc, according to a declaration of an alleged official of the de facto government of Brazil.

On the other hand, during an interview in the program 'Politica en el Divan' transmitted by Venezolana de Television Thursday night, the Minister sustained that the right to peace and development belong to the people of Venezuela.

She stressed that the Bolivarian Government will work to guarantee these precepts established in the Constitution of the Republic.

Member of the National Commission for Truth, Justice, the Attention of Victims and Peace, Rodriguez said Venezuelan authorities are set on defending the 'right to peace, the right to a future, in the right to development; are collective rights that belong to the Venezuelan people and nobody is going to take away that right'.

She insisted on the invitation to sectors of the opposition to take part in the Commission for Truth, instance promoted last April by president of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, in order to reward the victims of violence of right wing sectors,l an element contemplated in the table of dialogue to continue on December 6.

She clarified that it is through the Commission for Truth that can be known the cases of crimes since 1999 until the year 2002, the oil sabotage to the main industry of our country, in 2002.

In the Commission for Truth created by President Maduro methods are approached to clarify the facts, recognition of the victims, reparation and commitment to non-repetition.

The also Minister of Foreign Relations urged the opposition to respect and commit to that which was agreed at the Table of Dialogue, an instrument that is not above the Constitution.

The eve, Jorge Rodriguez, leader of the national direction of the Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela (in power) sustained that the national government will remain in the table of dialogue, despite the self-denominated Table of Democratic Unity (MUD) threatened with leaving the talks.

We want to inform the country that we stay at the table of dialogue retgardless the internal difficulties of the so-called MUD, she stressed.

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