Iran Stresses Importance of Tripartite Meeting with Russia and Syria

Iran Stresses Importance of Tripartite Meeting with Russia and Syria
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27 October 2016
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Tehran, Oct 27 (Prensa Latina) The meeting to be held by the Foreign Ministers of Iran, Russia and Syria in Moscow is ''very important'', and is an initiative of the ''Axis of Resistance against anti-Syrian terrorism'', according to the Iranian Foreign Ministry.

In a telephone conversation with IRNA, the spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Bahram Qassemi, stressed that the meeting, scheduled for Friday in the Russian capital, will take place at a moment of 'significant achievement' in the offensive against extremists.

The Foreign Ministers of Iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif; Russia, Sergei Lavrov, and Syria, Walid Al-Moallem, will hold a tripartite meeting to review the successes of the 'axis of counter-terrorist resistance'.

In addition, they will examine the military and humanitarian situation in Syria in the light of the actions taken by the military of Damascus and fighters of the Lebanese Resistance movement Hezbollah, aided by Iranian advisers, and covered from the air by the Russian air force.

Qassemi indicated the failure of the Western-Arab plot to topple the government of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, after allies of Damascus have weakened the terrorists, particularly the DAESH, Arabic name of the Islamic State (ISIS), and the former Al-Nusra Front.

Iran has condemned the killing of tens of thousands of civilians in Syria and Iraq as a result of what it called an 'instrumental use of terrorism by the West', and appealed for a continued political approach to solving the Syrian crisis.

The spokesman added that the meeting in Moscow would defend, among other things, the thesis that the Sunni extremists have to be completely desttoyed, in addition to reinforcing the convergence of the parties involved in Damascus.

The three foreign ministers will also review other Middle Eastern crises, while Zarif and Lavrov will address bilateral issues.

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