“Star Wars” Actors Seek to Fulfill Dream of Terminally Ill Fan

“Star Wars” Actors Seek to Fulfill Dream of Terminally Ill Fan
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4 November 2015
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As reported in the U.S. press on Tuesday, the campaign launched over social networks asks that Walt Disney Studio and the film’s director, J.J. Abrams, permit Daniel Fleetwood, a big fan of the saga, to enjoy “The Force Awakens” before December 18, the date it will premiere in U.S. movie theaters.

Hamill, Boyega and Mayhew expressed on Twitter their support with the message “A dying man’s wish to see #StarWars The Force Awakens Help spread the word : #ForceForDaniel.”

The 32-year-old Texas man is suffering from a kind of cancer that has spread through his lungs. Doctors gave him one or two months to live in September.

“I just love Star Wars,” Fleetwood said on KPRC, the local NBC station. “With everything I got I love Star Wars.”

“Judging by how progressive the disease has gotten in the past two months, I really don’t think that I’ll be able to make it,” he said.

Fleetwood is resting at home, together with his wife Ashley, who posted her husband’s wishes on her Facebook page.

“It’s a commitment and he still has that commitment, that drive and that love and I think that it’s a beautiful thing. “Even if it’s just a movie. That’s magic for a lot of people,” said his wife, who created a page on the Web site GoFundMe to collect some of the funds needed to pay for her husband’s medical bills.

For now, neither the studio nor Abrams have responded to the request for a preview.

The filmmaker once granted a similar request in 2013, when Daniel Craft, another man with terminal cancer, asked to see “Star Trek into Darkness” before its premiere.

Daniel died a few days after seeing the film.

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