Iran, Russia Discuss Syria, Refugee Crisis

Iran, Russia Discuss Syria, Refugee Crisis
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9 September 2015
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During the meeting in Moscow on Wednesday, the two high-ranking diplomats expressed concern over the regional crises, specially in Syria, and the situation of the Syrian refugees who have sought asylum in the regional and European countries for the fear of the ISIL terrorist group's attacks.

Rahimpour and Morgulov blamed the ISIL acts and policies of those countries who have stood against the legal government in Syria for these crises.

They also underlined that Iran and Russia's measures in Syria have soothed the Syrian refugee crisis.

Tehran and Moscow have made abundant efforts to help the Syrian people fight against the ISIL terrorist group.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, in a joint press conference with his Austrian counter part Heinz Fischer in Tehran on Tuesday, said that Iran's priority was putting an end to the insecurity and bloodshed in Syria.

"Once this goal is fulfilled, it will be time to discuss political issues such as democracy and opposition in the Arab country," he said.

Rouhani underscored that Syrians should build the future of their country through popular voting and no foreign country can interfere in this issue.

He called for all countries to cooperate for the settlement of the Syrian crisis and reiterated that Iran is ready to sit at the negotiating table with any country or world power to settle peace in the Arab country, in case the negotiating partner understands that the future of Syria is an internal Syrian issue.

Also Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Michael Bogdanov affirmed the presence of the Russian military experts in Syria to train the Syrian army men how to use new military technologies according to joint contracts in the domain of military cooperation.

“Our military contracts with Syria are continuously implemented and different kinds of military equipment are being exported to Damascus… so training these new technologies are in need for services, and the Syrian armed forces are also in need for help and training,” Bogdanov said.

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