Sierra Leone: Over 2,000 Orphans Due to Ebola in Porto Loko

Sierra Leone: Over 2,000 Orphans Due to Ebola in Porto Loko
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24 December 2014
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Street Child of Sierra Leone (ScoSL), a non-governmental organization, told Concord Times that there have been approximately 2,000 children orphaned due to the Ebola virus.

SCoSL Head of Communications, Advocacy and Mini Projects Moses Lamin Kamara said that the Port Loko District accounts for the second highest infection rate in the country. He noted that each chiefdom might have hundreds of cases. As such, the district hosts the second highest number of oprhans in the country due to Ebola.

"For us, Ebola orphans are children below the age of 18 that have lost the breadwinner in their family due to the Ebola virus," he explained. "We are not looking at biological relationship but rather parenting or child-rearing. This category of children are in their thousands and can be found in every Ebola affected area. Wherever they are, we will reach them and give them the necessary support."

The majority of the children are in the Port Loko District, and particularly in the chiefdoms of Lokomasama, Maforkie, TMS, Kaffu Bullom, BKM, Koya, Masimera, Marampa and Buya Romende.

Last week, Street Child registered 7,500 children orphaned by Ebola in Sierra Leone and they expect the number to rise to 10,000 by the end of the month. The group estimates that nearly 30,000 children have been orphaned by Ebola worldwide.

The ScoSL, and other organizations, are working to address the needs of orphans in the wake of the Ebola crisis.

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