Russia denounces NATO fight against non-existent threat

Russia denounces NATO fight against non-existent threat
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17 February 2020
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Moscow, Feb 17 (Prensa Latina) Russia called on yesterday the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to give up waste war expenses against a non-existent threat and European countries to demonstrate political independence to hold talks with Moscow.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushenko estimated that Europe must apply concrete measures to improve relations with this country and change its systemic position for a bilateral dialogue, indicated the RBK agency, cited by capital television.

NATO, in addition, must put an end to attempts at involving this State in a security scheme of the Cold War era and set aside its insistence on materializing a Russian containment policy, said the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Europe must also be able to apply an independent policy, without looking at the US all the time, assured Grushenko at the 56th session of the Munich Security Conference.

The creation of a global security scheme is impossible without Russia's participation; therefore, the West must seek ways for greater collaboration with Moscow, deemed the diplomat.

The aforementioned conference is attended by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov as top leader of Russia's delegation to a forum that still recalls the thrilling speech given by President Vladimir Putin in 2007, which leaders consider it historic.

On that occasion, Putin spoke openly about the end of unipolarity and the causes for considering that concept as a political and morally unfeasible step for humanity.

Media outlets commented here that the Munich Security Conference was far from fulfilling its function as a tranquilizer pill to reduce tensions among Western countries and the world.

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