Lava Jato identifies with US, Lula denounces in Brazil

Lava Jato identifies with US, Lula denounces in Brazil
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2 February 2020
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Former Brazilian President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva charged again that the Lava Jato judicial investigation identifies openly with the interests of the United States, which is committed to dismantling Brazilian companies.

'That is why, Petrobras joined the game; that is why, the Brazilian contractors joined the game,' Lula said in an interview with the Consultor Juridico website, which said it will post the audiovisual conversation in the next few days.

According to the ex-union leader, 'it took us nearly 50 years to discover that the US Government had an aircraft carrier here in Brazilian waters to try to stage a coup (in 1964) if it did not occur. The naked truth takes time to appear, especially when you have the Brazilian State against you,' he stressed.

In another part of the interview, Lula complained about the lack of material in the accusations against him. '(Former Judge Sergio) Moro lied and he knows he lied (?) It was the scoundrel of (Deltan) Dallagnol, the delegate who carried out the investigation and Moro's rotten swine'.

If there is anyone who could be the leader of a gang, it is Prosecutor Deltan Dallagnol, who should have been exonerated, he noted.

Lula invokes for himself the impartiality in the election of the eight judges of the Supreme Federal Court (STF).

He avoided analyzing each judge, but he defended that 'other mechanism of assessment' should be established, in addition to the juridical qualification 'that everybody has'. And that the evaluation should involve more examiners. 'Today I would have appointed other people,' he said.

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