Syrian army finds US-NATO arsenal in an Idlib cave

Syrian army finds US-NATO arsenal in an Idlib cave
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26 September 2019
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Damascus, Sep 26 (Prensa Latina) Syrian military found in a cave of Idlib rockets and machine guns from the US and NATO that had belonged to terrorist groups, a Syrian Army spokesman said on Thursday.

The cave was part of an extensive underground network for about 5,000 men and was near al-Latamna town, the spokesman said.

This network was established more than 4 years ago with the help of foreign machines and was a basis for launching attacks against government troops. Some time ago, the Syrian soldiers forced illegal armed groups to retreat from this region to the border with Turkey, when they withdrew, they dynamited the cave to 'leave no evidence,' he said.

'But evidence has remained. You can see what weapons they were using. We discovered rockets made in USA and machine guns manufactured in NATO countries,' the military spokesman said.

He also reported that the underground network had a workshop where drones were manufactured. 'They provided those drones with bombs and ammunition filled with destruction elements and attacked the civilian population and the Syrian Army positions with those devices,' he said.

Syria has been suffering a conflict since March m in which government forces are confronting armed opposition groups and terrorist factions.

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