Venezuela Cuts Relations with United States Over Coup Support

Venezuela Cuts Relations with United States Over Coup Support
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23 January 2019
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Maduro cut relations with the U.S. and said that envoys of the countries who have stopped recognizing him as elected president have 72 hours to leave the country. 

President Nicolas Maduro announced that he was cutting all diplomatic relations with the United States after U.S. President Donald Trump recognized lawmaker Juan Gauido as interim president, after the opposition lawmaker illegally self-appointed himself as president of the country, breaking the constitution. 

"They went too far. I have decided to break all diplomatic and political relations with the imperialist government of the United States. Out! They can all leave," Maduro said as he gave a speech from the presidential palace in Caracas. "They aim to rule Venezuela from Washington."

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President Nicolas Maduro gave a 72-hour deadline to the U.S. representatives in Venezuela to leave the South American sovereign nation, after their President Donald Trump, backed the coup d'etat attempt led by Guaido.

"The right-wing has no shame when they violate the Venezuelan Constitution that was approved by our people."

"Venezuela is respected! Neither coup nor interventionism. Venezuela wants peace, wants progress," said President Nicolas Maduro rejecting any coup and interventionist attempts in the country.

The governments of Mexico, Bolivia, Turkey and Rusia have stated that they recognize Bolivarian President Nicolas Maduro Moros as the constitutional and democratically elected president of Venezuela.

"Don't trust the gringo empire. That's what drives their interest - the desire for Venezuelan oil, gas, and gold. These do not belong to you, they belong to the sovereign people of Venezuela," warned President Maduro to the Venezuelan people.



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