Lula’s Followers Hold Christmas Vigil In Front of His Prison

Lula’s Followers Hold Christmas Vigil In Front of His Prison
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24 December 2018
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'Lula Livre' organized a Christmas vigil at Lula's prison in solidarity with the former president and political prisoner — he is not allowed any visitors on Christmas. 

Brazilian former President Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva’s supporters will gather in front of the jail where he is imprisoned to celebrate Christmas in solidarity with him on Dec. 24 and 25.

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Members of Lula Livre (Free Lula) movement called on Lula’s followers to attend a vigil outside the Curitiba Federal Police station in the state of Parana where he has been held as a political prisoner since April.

One of the coordinators of the vigil, Roberto Baggio, said that "a great deal is being done to organize the preparations for Christmas. It will be a Christmas and a festive year shared with Lula and the Brazilian people."

"We call all the activists of the country and the world who want to go with us, bring their families and friends (...) to face the next period and the next days of struggle ... for the freedom of  Lula," said Baggio.

Lula is restricted from receiving visitors on Christmas but his supporters will be there with him during the day. According to the organizers, between the two days of Christmas celebrations, almost 500 people will arrive from different states of Brazil to show their solidarity with the political prisoner.

Ana Fuzinatto, a member of the Congregation of the Franciscan Catechetical Sisters of Curitiba said, "For us, Lula has always been a model that drives us to walk together with the people, for the poor, for the care of life, for people who are on the margins of society."

Lula da Silva, who was arrested after being convicted in the Lava Jato corruption case by a Federal Regional Court, is internationally recognized as a political prisoner. His imprisonment led to his inability to run for president in the October 2018 general elections and paved the way for the victory of far-right Jair Bolsonaro who has announced an aggressive neoliberal economic program and the use of agressive force against social movements.

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