Argentinean Lawmaker Highlights Importance of Forum of Sao Paulo

Argentinean Lawmaker Highlights Importance of Forum of Sao Paulo
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12 July 2018
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Buenos Aires, Jul 11 (Prensa Latina) Argentinean lawmaker Monica Macha, who represents Unidad Ciudadana in the Argentinean Congress, highlighted the role of the Forum of Sao Paulo in the construction of a ''Patria Grande'' (Common Motherland) in Latin America.

Macha, who was invited to the event to be held in Havana next week, told Prensa Latina that she was happy to be a representative of her organization, and stated the Forum is very important at times when we need to think about political processes based on inclusion.

'At times in which neoliberal policies are being pushed forward in several countries of the continent, including Argentina, with new strategies that had not been used before, it is fundamental that those who want to restore policies that foster inclusion come to the Forum to discuss new ideas,' she said.

Macha voiced pleasure because the 24th edition of the Forum of Sao Paulo is going to be held in Havana, to accompany Cuba when it is updating its system and consolidating what has been doing since the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959.

The Argentinean delegation to the 24th edition will be headed by different personalities, among them lawmakers Horacio Pietragalla, Mayra Mendoza and Argentinean Representantive before Mercosur Jorge Taiana, besides several political and social organizations.

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