Paraguay: Prison Requested For Former President Fernando Lugo

Paraguay: Prison Requested For Former President Fernando Lugo
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6 July 2018
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A bishop associated with liberation theology, Fernando Lugo was impeached in 2012 in what many at the time called a 'constitutional coup.'

Lawyers for former Paraguayan President Nicanor Duarte Frutos and current President Horacio Cartes have presented a legal case against Senator and former President Fernando Lugo, requesting a prison sentence for 'unconstitutional behavior.'

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Lawyer Rogelio Benitez said: "Ten years await Lugo for having attempted to act against the constitutional organs of the Republic. Lugo is a citizen who believes himself to have superpowers, beyond the constitution."

Duarte Frutos and Cartes, two leading figures of the ruling conservative Colorado Party, are accusing the leader of the progressive Guasu Front of ignoring the votes of Colorado Party candidates.

The legal complaint claims that Lugo, as president of Congress, "assumed functions that don't correspond to him, bypassing constitutional dispositions, practically bypassing the Supreme Court and Electoral justice and all overseeing laws."

The Guasu Front responded to the accusations by saying the "Colorado Party seeks to violate the institution's integrity" and vowing that it "will not cease against the pressures of political groups... who use and abuse state structures with impunity."

The Guasu Front reiterated its "full support to comrade Senator Fernando Lugo that has kept firm in his position of not transgressing in any way in his position with regards to the dictates of the National Constitution."

The Guasu Front also reiterated its commitment to "clean the judicial structure of the country."

Fernando Lugo was a Catholic Bishop associated with liberation theology who assumed presidency of the Guasu Front in 2008, ousting the ruling Colorado Party.

In 2012, he was impeached in what many called a 'constitutional coup.' The coup was condemned by progressive leaders, including Argentina's Cristina Fernandez, Ecuador's Rafael Correa and Brazil's Dilma Rousseff.

Lugo was later elected to the Senate in 2013.

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