Regional Strategy to Fight Violence and Extremism

Regional Strategy to Fight Violence and Extremism
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18 April 2017
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The Arab countries of the Persian Gulf will start tomorrow here to discuss the adoption of a joint strategy to promote moderation and combat violence and extremism, official sources of Bahrain announced today.

Authorities of this kingdom are on the final preparations for the fourth meeting of the Ministers for Islamic Affairs and Religious Legacy of the of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) which, for the first time be held in Manama from the 19th to the 29th of the current month.

Local sources said that the leaders were invited to agree on a common strategy that counteracting the spread of extremism and violence in the region, at the time that further moderation in the Islamic religious areas.

In fact, the agenda of the meeting expected discussions between ministers on the role of Islamic preachers - called imams and khateebs, in Arabic--in spreading the culture of moderation and the sharing of experience among States members of the block of the Gulf monarchies.

Meetings on Wednesday and Thursday will take place amid widespread worry in the six Nations of the area - Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Bahrein as host - by the spread of ideologies fundamentalists in their societies, even among young people.

In Kuwait, newspaper Arab Times today broadcast information, according to which relatives of several adolescents and young people asked the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and Awqaf (religious legacy) to make actions to counter a growing sympathy toward the Islamic State (ISIS) and other groups.

Relatives expressed their concern to the authorities of the Ministry and recognized that the tendency to praise the Takfirist Organization (Sunni Islamic terrorists) and others of equal cut is glaring not only men, but also girls.

The sources, initially mentioned by the Arabic newspaper Al-Qabas, pointed out that many of these young people expressed sympathies for extremists in their accounts on social networks, but assured that the government is already taking steps to 'protect them from falling into the trap of terrorism'.

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