Ecuador's President Supports Random Review of Ballot Papers

Ecuador's President Supports Random Review of Ballot Papers
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13 April 2017
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Quito, Apr 13 (Prensa Latina) Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa supported a proposal by Guayaquil Mayor Jaime Nebot for a random review of ballot papers for the second round of presidential elections held on April 2, but under conditions.

In his Twitter account, the president referred to the idea of Nebot, which he said is similar to a suggestion he made a few days ago.

The initiative, defined by the mayor as a supra-legal solution, establishes that representatives of the academy, the church, political movements and the media, among other factors, randomly choose a group of records and check them publicly.

'We fully support this proposal. We ask the CNE to accept it despite not being covered by the law,' the president stated.

However, he mentioned three conditions for implementing the proposal: to review records of the first round of elections (February 19), when the opposition also spoke of fraud, to accept the results and if these are ratified, CREO-SUMA political organization and the media that supported it should apologize publicly to Ecuadorians and the entire world.

According to Correa, the opposition of this South American state seeks to copy the strategy of the Venezuelan right that is to question results and delegitimize the origin of the administration, keep the streets warm and tear their clothes for a divided country, only to prevent governability.

'The difference: it will not happen here. Let all the ballot papers they want to be publicly open. They will not be able to steal from us the popular victory,' the president concluded.

The initiative recently proposed seeks to put to an end the environment generated by the right, led by CREO-SUMA and Guillermo Lasso-Andrés Páez, who from the same day of ballotage went out to the streets to talk about fraud and to incite their followers to ignore the results.

Official data from the National Electoral Council (CNE) indicate that the second round of elections was won by former vice president and representative of PAIS Alliance, Lenín Moreno, with 51.15 percent, while rival Lasso scored 48.85 percentage points. These estimates were corroborated in the recount carried out recently in five provinces, which recorded the initial figures.

However, the post-election process is at the stage of objection, challenge and appeal, valid reasons to file claims.

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