Russia Calls on the USA to Avoid Aerial Ban Areas in Syria

Russia Calls on the USA to Avoid Aerial Ban Areas in Syria
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26 January 2017
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Moscow, Jan 26 (Prensa Latina) Russia today called on the United States to weigh the possible consequences of the creation of aerial ban areas in Syria, especially for the lives of refugees.

'It is a matter of utmost importance to avoid a worsening of the refugee situation,' Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov said while commenting on a decision by US President Donald Trump.

The new US head of state signed yesterday another controversial provision, this time for the Pentagon to present within 90 days a plan to create the so-called humanitarian security areas.

Peskov acknowledged that Washington never consulted Moscow about that measure, even though Russian combat aviation has been operating in Syrian airspace since late 2015.

Trump considered the day before that Europe made a huge mistake in allowing the entry of thousands of refugees to Germany and other nations of that region and affirmed that he did not want that for the United States.

More than five million Syrians were displaced from their homes because of a conflict that in barely six years left more than 200 000 dead people, many of them civilians.

Damascus accuses Washington of artificially promoting chaos and destabilization in the Levantine country that led to an armed confrontation in which violent groups received material and financial aid from abroad.

Press media here recall the disastrous experience of creating flight ban areas in Libya when North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) aviation bombarded that country from March to October 2011.

The country suffered hundreds of civilian's fatalities because of NATO attacks, which interpreted a UN Security Council resolution to protect the Libyan population according to its whim.

Moscow repeatedly called on the West to provide humanitarian aid to Syrian civilians, especially after the liberation of the eastern part of Aleppo last December.

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