Cuban Gymnasts with Possibilities to Get Tickets to Brazil

Cuban Gymnasts with Possibilities to Get Tickets to Brazil
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15 April 2016
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Speaking to the press, Barrios confirmed that both have a chance of qualifying. Despite Leru being the better gymnast, Videaux, might be selected, as the top 24 athletes are classified in the female competition. Videaux might be placed in the 8th or 10th position.

The number of possible classifications for male athletes is 18. Leru is expected to come 12th in a completion of 40 athletes from more than 30 countries.

Both gymnasts, who are already training in the host nation for the Games, will be assisted by the coaches Carlos Rafael Gil in the men's event and Yareimis Vázquez in the woman's event.

With the possible classification of Leru and Videaux, Cuba would attend the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games with three participants, which would include the already classified, Manrique Larduet.

Barrios also said that Larduet will leave to Croatia at the end of the month, together his trainer Gil and a doctor to take part in the World Cup,

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