Hemingway Marlin Fishing International Tournament in Cuba

Hemingway Marlin Fishing International Tournament in Cuba
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4 June 2014
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France, with 6 boats confirmed, leads the group of countries that will participate from June 9th to 14th at the 64th Ernest Hemingway Marlin Fishing International Tournament.

Executives of the Marlin S.A. Nautical and Marinas Business Group told local press that 17 crews of several nations, including the United States (5) and Canada (4), have already confirmed their participation.

This edition of one of the oldest events of its kind in the world will also be attended by teams from Mexico and England, and the total enrollment almost double that reached in 2013, when nine only ships were involved.

According to Mario Ramos, Marlin S.A. business manager, the program will start on June 9th with the traditional skippers meeting at Hemingway Marina Residential, where the sport fishing lovers will receive details on the competition.

For contributing to the preservation of these species, the use of circle hooks will be promoted to minimize possible damage to marlins or Dorados, and the introduction of satellite tagging systems, which allow knowing the behaviors of such fishes, Francisco Diaz, Director of Development, Business and Quality of the entity, noted.

It is expected next year's edition to be attended by at least 50 ships because Cuba will also host the 35th International Tourism Fair, which will be specifically devoted to the nautical modality.

The Ernest Hemingway Marlin Fishing International Tournament, boosted at the beginning of the 1950s by the famous American writer, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature (1954), stands out as one of the first in the world, only surpassed by the Tuna World Cup, in Nova Scotia, and the Tarpon Tournament in Mexico.

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