Cuba on the Executive Committee of the CID

Cuba on the Executive Committee of the CID
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22 February 2020
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Cuba confirmed its membership on the Executive Committee of the Ibero-American Sports Council (CID), which has Alba Quesada, director of the Costa Rican Institute of Sport and Recreation, as its new president.

In the presence of the head of the Inder, Osvaldo Vento, Cuba was ratified in Salinas, Ecuador, in the coordination of the number one region, in a day that also welcomed the arrival to the vice-presidency of Fátima Morales, minister of the National Secretariat of Sport in Paraguay.

The session of the Ibero-American Sports Council approved to assign the condition of Honorary President to the Uruguayan Fernando Cáceres, who led the entity until Thursday, and left several commissions constituted, including the one dedicated to the communicational work, proposed by Cuba.

The debates also focused on the work of the Ibero-American Women and Sport Network, around which a representative from each country was requested and the Board of Directors, made up of Argentina, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil, was constituted.

In this context, Vento gave continuity to the exchanges with directors from several countries, including Quesada itself and the Ministers of Sport of Colombia and Panama, Ernesto Lucena and Eduardo Cerda, respectively.

The latter confirmed that he will soon respond to the invitation to visit Cuba, as a continuation of the links that were recently expressed with the stay in Havana of the president of the Organizing Committee of the Central American and Caribbean Games of 2022, Henry Pozo Medina.

Vento has also insisted on the cruelty of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba, in violation of the values of sport and the Olympic Charter.

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