IAAF Extends Suspension to Russian Federation

IAAF Extends Suspension to Russian Federation
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9 June 2019
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Monaco, 9 Jun (Latin Press) The Board of Directors of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has decided to extend the suspension it has imposed on the Russian Federation since 2015 as a result of the doping scandal within it.

The Russian entity, through its president Dmitri Shliajtin, trusted that he would be readmitted after having fulfilled the conditions imposed by the IAAF for his reinstatement, but the leadership of the world organization decided to maintain the privations.

One of the requirements met by the European nation's federation was to pay the 3.2 million dollars debt owed to the IAAF.

This amount was broken down into 1.5 million in court costs for the Court of Arbitration for Sport, one million in expenses for IAAF working groups to readmit the Russian Federation and other minor matters.

The other condition that Russia had to meet to be readmitted to international competitions is access to the Moscow Laboratory, an event that took place last January, as well as the review of these tests, a process to be conclude on June 31.

Shliajtin and prominent Russian athletes such as world and European 110m hurdles champion Sergey Shubenkov are confident that the nation will be able to participate as a delegation at the World Outdoor Championships in Doha in late September.

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