Cuban Dominguez Ninth in Chess Grand Prix Baku 2014

Cuban Dominguez Ninth in Chess Grand Prix Baku 2014
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8 October 2014
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Leinier (2751 Elo points) remained ninth among the 12 contestants with 2.5 points, and Mamedyarov (2764) is eleventh with half unit less.

The current leader is the Italian Fabiano Caruana (2844), who defeated Russian Peter Svidler (2732), and now owns 4.5 units and is escorted by Israeli Boris Gelfand (2748), who drew with Russian Sergey Karjakin (2767), and totals 4 points.

The other winners of the day were the Azeri Teimour Radjabov (2726) and Uzbek Rustan Kasimdzhanov (2706), who beat Russians Alexander Grischuk (2797) and Dmitry Andreikin (2722) respectively, and both accumulate 3.5 units.

In the final match American Hikaru Nakamura drew with Russian Evgeny Tomashevsky (2701).

After the first half of the tournament the standings is commanded by Caruana (4.5 points), Gelfand (4), Radjabov, Kasimdzhanov and Nakamura (3.5), Tomashevsky, Karjakin and Svidler (3), Leinier (2.5), Grischuk and Mamedyarov (2) and Andreikin is in the bottom with only 1.5 units.

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