The Cuban Woman and Sport

The Cuban Woman and Sport
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27 August 2014
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On the 54TH Anniversary of the Cuban Women Federation (FMC), we have dedicated to them our commentary given there have been many victories achieved by the local young sport women at Olympic Games, Pan American Games and Central American and the Caribbean ones through even world championships and all kind of competitions.

María Caridad Colón, who is a Cuban woman from Guantanamo province, achieved the first gold medal at the Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980 for Cuba and Latin America through the javelin throwing event with a 68 meters and 40 centimeters result.

There have been many the Olympic winners from Cuba through Track and Field, Judo and Volleyball in those three sports disciplines, mainly, and the ones practicing Japanese martial arts which keep good possibilities at the highest world sports level, including those ones who are taking part in the competitions of the Championship from Russia.

Nevertheless, there are not only some local top-class sportswomen, including the female champions from the competitions of the International Olympic Committee, but also there are all of those ones who participate in the activities of the residential home for the elderly and even all those girls who are competing in all the structure of the School and Junior competitions who have deserved our recognition on the local FMC anniversary.

Without the results reached by our sportswomen through the entire international sports calendar, Cuba would have only achieved half of its sports success after January 1st, 1959; therefore, we congratulate them and thank them all!

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