Clinton Sets Historic Precedent in the U.S.

Clinton Sets Historic Precedent in the U.S.
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8 June 2016
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Democrat Hillary Clinton stamped her mark in United States history by becoming mathematically the first woman to be nominated for president by one of the main political parties of the country.

Clinton should be confirmed and increase her lead over her rival, senator Bernie Sanders, when primaries conclude in six states.

Although her lead was based in the support of superdelegates, Hillary must obtain a respectable amount in todayâÖs primaries of the 813 delegates elected by voters in order to stop attacks against her that her victory was a result of machinations at the top leadership of the party.

The eve, according to counting by agency AP of superdelegates gave Clinton the two thousand 383 she automatically requires for the coming Democrat convention of Philadelphia, in July.

Adding to this, Clinton received today the support of minority leader of the blue party in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi (D-California) and it is expected that this week President Barack Obama officially bets for her candidacy to the White House.

Notwithstanding her anticipated victory, the same as Sanders, Clinton will keep fighting for votes to confirm her triumph is also the result of popular votes.

Meanwhile, the campaign of Senator for Vermont insists that the so-called superdelegates can change their opinion before the convention, something that few believe will happen.

The campaign director of the former Secretary of State, Robby Mook said the eve they expect that Clinton not only confirms victory in popular votes, but also the majority of committed delegates.

From now on and giving as certain the nomination of Clinton, a brutal campaign is expected to begin against Republican Donald Trump.

One of the main mysteries i show the nominee will unify the party, especially the followers of Sanders, who may support her if the ideas defended by them, among which the increased benefits of Social Security, the university free of debt, a greater control over Wall Street and a minimum salary of 15 dollars the hour.

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