Gente de Zona, the Blockade and the Hysterical Babbling of Miami

Gente de Zona, the Blockade and the Hysterical Babbling of Miami
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30 December 2019
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The Cuban reggaeton duo Gente de Zona has become the last victim of neo-fascist intolerance which, for decades, has set the pace of cultural terrorism policy in Miami.

A week ago, the mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, asked that Cuban musicians be excluded from the list of participants of the traditional New Year's Eve concert organized by the reggaeton singer Pitbull in Miami.

According to Suarez, he assured to El Nuevo Herald, that he had asked organizers to "analyze the participation of these artists and the history of Gente de Zona with the Cuban regime (...)".

In reality, the reasons given by the mayor on duty to ban the artists are nothing more than false excuses to follow the policy of blockade against Cuba exacerbated by the current Trump administration.

In a memo signed by the president and sent to the State Department early in November, it was announced that “the United States will not provide non-humanitarian or trade-related assistance, nor will it allow officials or employees of the governments of Cuba, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Syria and Russia participate in educational and cultural exchange programs for fiscal year 2020”.

It’s striking how during the so-called thaw of relations between Cuba and the United States in the Obama era, cultural terrorists in Miami haven’t realized the "history of Gente de Zona with the Cuban regime." In those years, even the now censored duo was given the keys to the city of Miami.

Trump's new policy regarding the so-called "cultural exchange", however, can no longer agree with the intolerant spirit of the anti-Cuban mafia regarding Cuban artists. Miami, the city of hatred, has stood out "culturally" "for the burning of paintings, bomb threat to concerts, crushing of CDs and acts of rejection against anyone who doesn’t give up their roots and homeland.


Besides the duo Gente de Zona, the campaign against Cuban artists unleashed on social networks by the followers Pérez Ruora and Ninoska Pérez, now disguised as clowns on YouTube, have made the target of their injudicious defamation other artists like Micha and Haila María Mompié. The first one was excluded last November from a Thanksgiving concert and the second, for the same mental retardation of the Miami mayor, was declared non-grata person.

The dirty machine activated against Cuban artists by the new Mafia spokesmen, rather than against the artists is aimed against the entire Cuban people. It’s the media justification of another of variant of the blockade.

It’s no secret to anyone that, like El Nuevo Herald said, when announced Trump's anti-cultural memo: "The cultural exchange between Cuba and the U.S. has been the target of harsh criticism by sectors of the Cuban exile that consider this to be a way of currency income to the island government. " Everything else is just hysterical babbling.

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