United States, the greatest threat to global security

United States, the greatest threat to global security
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19 February 2019
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That’s the opinion of most people in the world, according to reports presented at the recent Munich Conference.

And if you closely watched the list of US military interventions that have circulated these days on the social media, as part of the #HandOffVenezuela Campaign, you will agree with me that it is a well-earned fame.

Of course, there is no surprise at all to read the percents published by several websites that covered the meeting, which annually bring together statesmen, diplomats, militaries and defense experts from different nations and where, according to Europa press “Many of the papers have described an uncertain outlook and a fragile international order in view of the retreat of U.S. as a great hegemonic power in the international scenario”.

The website of Russia’s Sputnik news agency, for its part, contributes interesting data such as the number of Canadians who look fearfully to the neighbor empire, 46 percent considers it a threat to their country, while the government tries to calm them down, supporting the last warmongering adventure that has firmly got into the head of the current emperor: Venezuela.

As expected, Mexicans look to the north fearfully too, more than half, 64 percent has stated they consider U.S. the greatest threat to the security of the Aztec land and I summarize: what a bad reputation the government of the U.S. has among its neighbors.

These data belong to a study presented by sociological company Pew Research Centre and do not finish providing interesting conclusions, because nations whose rulers have many times appeared as allies of the almighty empire, go on the opposite direction to the great majorities, because Macron’s France, for example, is afraid of the Yankees more than anyone else in the world, or maybe Macron is afraid too and that’s why, he follows them to feel safe. Well, it can be…

Add Germany, Japan and South Korea among the countries, which too consider U.S. the greatest threat to global security.

How much double standard does the world hold? How much fear? How long will mankind tolerate the high-handedness of the conquerors of the universe that claims lives and more lives? Time and again, international meetings end with the well-deserved headline, which Europa Press dedicated to the Munich Conference this time: "without conclusions and gloomy prospects for the future”. How long?

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / CubaSi Translation Staff

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