Puerto Rico: Controversy among Wolves

Puerto Rico: Controversy among Wolves
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4 April 2018
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Half year after the mighty hurricane Maria wrecked havoc in Puerto Rico President Donald Trump did not prioritize the help to that territory.

This Wednesday the far-right journalist of Argentinean origin, Andrés Oppenheimer, columnist for the New Herald, wrote that Trump sent far greater aid to the victims of hurricane Harvey in Texas than to those of Puerto Rico, although the island suffered much bigger losses.

He highlighted that soon after the hurricane that swept over Puerto Rico, he received many critics for pointing out the "late and not very enthusiastic" answer of Trump to the humanitarian crisis of that island.

The journalist affirmed that Trump "seems foreign to the fact that the 3,4 million people that there are North American."

In his column, he affirmed that the president visited Texas twice after Harvey, Florida five days after Irma, while he visited Puerto Rico two weeks later.

And when he finally did visit he offended the victims by throwing sanitary paper rolls.

He refers to what was published in the website político.com about a detailed report ratifying the double-standard of the current White House Administration with the hurricanes in Texas and Puerto Rico.

A few examples on this regard:

The Federal Emergency Management Agency approved 141,800 million dollars for the victims in Texas, while single 6 thousand for those of Puerto Rico.

During the first nine days he gave 5,100 million of meal boxes and only 1,600 to Puerto Rico.

The federal government sent 30 000 workers to Texas and 10 thousand to Puerto Rico.

After two and a half months 39% of the federal applications on behalf of the Texas victims were approved while the 28% of those from Puerto Rico.

After six months funds were approved for nearly a dozen projects to repair of schools and highways in Texas and none in Puerto Rico.

Oppenheimer considers that there may be some extenuating circumstances, like the prohibition that Puerto Ricans can vote in U.S. elections and the reiterated scorn that the president shows toward the Latin immigrants living in the United States.

Finally, the columnist in his article points out that "Donald Trump has called Latin immigrants delinquent and rapists and he described El Salvador and Haiti as shitholes countries".

And he added: "it’s difficult to exclude the contempt - or racism – as one of the main reasons of Trump’s late answer to the tragedy of Puerto Rico. If something resembles a duck, swims like a duck and sounds like a duck, it most likely is a duck."

This controversy between Oppenheimer and Trump is interesting because we are witnessing progressive personalities, just the opposite.

This time with a singularity that the first one tells harsh truths to the second and leaves him without a believable answer.

But if there’s something that fuses them as a whole: they are both wolves of the same pack.

Cubasi Translation Staff - Amilkal Labañino Valdés

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