Nobody is talking about Afghanistan

Nobody is talking about Afghanistan
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8 November 2016
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Thirty-five deaths, twenty-five injured, all civilians, and the subsequent annihilation of all the thirteen members of a family is the most recent and proven assassination of the Empire.

There, the US air force bombings are more frequent now than 15 years ago when they enjoyed killing civilians; destroyed infrastructures, and occupied some of the poorest countries in the world under the pretext of an alleged involvement of Taliban in the terrorist attacks against the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. But the Empire always behaves this way, testing sophisticated weapons in abusive aggressions.

Recent events have proven false the withdrawal of an army that in fact, left thousand war specialists in different military bases, leading here and there the troops of servile allies, Germans, Spaniards, or better, the all members of NATO.

The US has used ISIS or DAESH to fight Taliban without being shot by ISAF, group officially in charge of following military activities of the United States, which never ended.

That is why when we talk about Taliban we should admit their courage, regardless of our disagreement with their procedure and discriminatory way of life since they have offered fierce resistance to the occupier after being swept from power.

As you may recall, the false goal of the invasion was to capture Osama bin Laden and other Al Qaeda leaders and bring them to justice. So was to destroy the Islamic State in Afghanistan. The Bush Doctrine stated that, as policy, the US would not differentiate between terrorist organizations and states and/or governments protecting and supporting them.

The goal was achieved. But it did not bring that people to its knee after all sort of invasions.

Poorly equipped, hiding in the mountains, in caves, with the goal of undertaking armed actions, the resistance could not be beaten. The US used NATO, ISAF, including UK, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Spain, Romania, Australia, and other 37 countries, and it came to my mind Washington´s invasion in Korea, in 1950, under the UN flag.

After placing allied administrations having some control on Kabul and few other cities, the US president Barack Obama, true follower of the criminal operation undertook by George W. Bush, confirmed in 2014 that the US would maintain the military presence in Afghanistan until the end of 2016, consulting and participating in some combat missions.

He gloated about the work of the intelligence personnel and troops which have been “ruthless” against the responsible of the S-11 attacks, “destroying” the core of Al Qaeda leadership. “Our brave diplomats and soldiers in Afghanistan —along with our NATO allies and the coalition— have helped the Afghan people to claim their communities, retake leadership of their own security, hold historic elections, and complete the first transition of power in the history of that country”.

Nonetheless, Afghanistan is still a very dangerous place for occupying powers and local allies. Before the strength of insurgent forces, the US envisages 10.800 soldiers there until 2024 and the Atlantic Alliance will maintain 4.000 troops in Afghan soil.

Hospitals have been bombed and destroyed to the ground, so “wrongful” like the collateral damages against civilians suspected to back the resistance. The bombings even extent to the neighboring country of Pakistan where hundreds of innocent people died and millions of citizens were displaced. It all shapes the dishonest curriculum of the US, which is wrong once again by using criminal methods against a small nation.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / Cubasi Translation Staff

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