Death from Air Pollution Will Double or Triple by 2060

Death from Air Pollution Will Double or Triple by 2060
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10 June 2016
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Globally, air pollution will lead to a 1 percent slowdown in the world’s GDP, or $2.6 trillion on annual basis, due to the potential increase in medication costs and the drop in agricultural production and the surge in sick leaves.

OECD explained in its report of economic losses due to air pollution that this phenomenon will differ from a region to another. OECD said that the biggest economic losses will take place in Caucasia with a drop of 3.1 percent in GDP, followed by China with a 2.6 percent drop, and some of the ex-soviet countries with a slowdown that ranges from between 2 percent and 2.7 percent, and finally Russia with a 1.7 decrease in GDP.

The organization expected that the total number of deaths due to air pollution by 2060 will reach a range between 6.162 million and 9.43 million people.

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