United States: Our Massacre of Every Day

United States: Our Massacre of Every Day
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11 December 2015
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A United States analyst, Jorge Ramos Avalos, dedicated an interesting article to the matter.

He did it this Tuesday in the New Herald, an ultra right-wing newspaper and very anti-Cuba home based in Miami.

He wrote that after waking up that morning he spent five hours to report “the massacre of the day in the United States.”

Ramos clarified, the massacres are already inseparable part of our life in this country.

He commented the massacre of last December 2 with four weapons of war in San Bernardino, California.

What happened this time? A couple of ultra right-wing militants murdered 14 people and wound a few others.

Those figures of fatalities surpass the amount that in 2012 shocked the North American society.

Several media informed that the FBI is looking into what happened as a terrorist act, but others say it was, simply, of a new massacre.

“Again!” this was the first word in his report in the New Herald hours after the tragedy.

Ramos Avalos was even harsher when he sentenced: United States has become the country of massacres… “and it will continue to be.”

The New York Times backed this up after publishing: in the first 336 days of the current year there were massacres in 209 of them.

And only in the months passed fatalities added up to 462 and nearly 1 314 wounded.

The United States, the Herald journalist added, is a country, - and I can vouch for it - that when they set their goals onto something they use all their resources to achieve it.

Do the cases of Argentina and Venezuela prove it? It’s worth asking them.

The normal thing for me, is to report almost every day for television on a massacre that only differs on the place and death toll.

“I cross my fingers so that, when I do it, I don’t see myself reading the name of somebody I knew”, he swore.

Thanks to those twists of life, go hand in hands with another commemoration of the Human Rights Day, instituted by the UN for the world.

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