"Ultras" Cuban Origin: Their Last Breaths in Miami?

"Ultras" Cuban Origin: Their Last Breaths in Miami?
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15 October 2015
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Julio Iglesias sings "Las Mañanitas" at a press conference for his 72nd birthday and the launching of his album "Mexico" on Wednesday September 23, 2015.  

An interesting question lingers in the air there, does it show hints of being caught in the beginning of its end?  

Several facts bring up the question that not even dare to deny their more keen spokesmen.  

Now it’s the time of Julio Iglesias, famous Spanish singer located many kilometers far from the left.

A piece of news from EFE agency notified this Tuesday that a manifestation against him included the burn of some of his albums.

That article from Madrid read on the title "Julio Iglesias’s albums burnt in Miami", and it was signed by Fabiana Steinmander.

Demonstrators raised a poster that read, mercenary musicians, and they destroyed before the cameras some albums.

The information also remembered that the singer had declared his disposition to sing his hits in Cuba.

However, Steinmander asserted, he didn't travel before to the island fearing the Cuban "exiles" attempted against his house in the Capital of Sun.

What it was a presumption so far, wrote the journalist, it’s now a fact.

His house was not attacked, she remarked, but rejection was evident there.

EFE showed several pictures of the manifestation that showed the destruction of the disks.

Unbelievable, when so many people thought the dark times were left behind when the famous work of the Cuban artist Manuel Mendive’s The Peacock was thrown to the pavement and set on fire.

More astonishing still the alleged reason back then to carry out that Fascist atrocity: Because the author lives in Cuba.

Bombing threats followed in places where other two outstanding Cuban artists would perform, Luis Carbonell and Rosita Fornés.

Surrounded by a pack ultra-right members was received the famous orchestra Los Van Van, while they isolated and sabotaged work contracts to the troubadour Tony Avila.

Always using the same argument, they live in the island.

These are hard facts that, surprisingly, have never endured in Cuba North American artists.

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