Raul Castro speaks at United Nations General Assembly

Raul Castro speaks at United Nations General Assembly
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29 September 2015
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The United States needs to return the territory in Guantanamo, Cuban President Raul Castro said Monday during his address at the United Nations.

Castro said the U.S. also needs to end the embargo against Cuba. The role of the UN is not only to save humanity from war. It is also to save the world from famine.

Cuba supports "an international order that is more just and equitable," Castro said.

Global warming needs to be addressed, Castro said. He said climate change hurts smaller countries in Africa. They also need better treatment, more access to technology and better financial options.

"We support African countries and demand fair treatment for them," he said.

Colonialists, he said, need to stop meddling with independent countries, as is the case in Venezuela. Castro said Cuba will always support and offer solidarity to Hugo Chavez's successor Nicolas Maduro.

"Puerto Rico deserves to be free and independent," Castro said.

Cuba, he said, is also supportive of Argentina's claim on the Falkland Islands, also known as the Malvinas.

Other issues at the center of this week's discussions include the refugee and migrant crisis, the largest since the upheaval of World War II.

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