USA-Elections: Don’t wonder at all

USA-Elections: Don’t wonder at all
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3 March 2020
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Joe Biden’s win during the Democratic primary in South Carolina shows once again the complexity of the electoral process that the United States lives at present.

Associated Press (AP) highlighted that what happened there was thanks to the support of the black community.

For its part, that agency underlined the fact that his win cuts the winning streak achieved by the also Democrat Bernie Sanders.

It was amid such a situation that the campaign team of the candidate for the Democratic presidential candidacy, Michael Bloomberg, circulated a statement.

The text denounced a new attack against an office of his electoral crusade, now in Florida.

Signed by Sonia Osorio, it reveals that last Saturday night that property was destroyed and several signs against the former New York mayor were painted there.

Thus was told to the press by his local campaign director, Scott Kosanovich.

He pointed out that it was the latest act of aggression among more than ten faced by such Bloomberg properties throughout the country.

He added that the aim can be “to intimidate our volunteer activists so they do not support Mike.”

He also assured that Bloomberg is running to unite the country and our party against Donald Trump.

These acts of vandalism were narrated as follows: On February 29, a brick was thrown to the campaign office in Vermont; on February 24, the office in Chicago was vandalised and on February 22, the windows of the premises in Salt Lake City, Utah, were broken.

On February 21, in Knoxville, Tennessee, the front doors were painted with offensive phrases such as “oligarch”; and on the February 14, the same phrases appeared on the walls of his office in Youngstown, Ohio.

And it is not about a show staged in the so-called Third World, but in the declining United States of America.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamín / CubaSi Translation Staff

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